Alberta’s Backyard: Johnston Canyon

There are so many beautiful hikes and sites to see all throughout Alberta. Having lived here for the majority of my life, I never took advantage of being so close to such beautiful places. Luckily, over the holidays, my family and I took a day to explore Johnston Canyon and have lunch in Banff. 

Though this hike is relatively easy during the summer, with its paved out walking path and railings that directly take you to the lower and upper falls, the winter and snow add a bit more difficulty. Especially if you’re not wearing the proper shoes with grip and a warm jacket. We unfortunately were not apart of the group of people that were prepared and only ventured out to the lower falls before heading back out and slipping/falling along the way.

I’ve heard through a number of friends about the off trail “secret waterfall” and really want to go back and check that out during the winter! The pictures I’ve seen are stunning. Next time i’ll be sure to bring proper shoes, so I won’t be worried about slipping with every step that I take.

If ever in Alberta, make sure to check out this trail. Its absolutely beautiful.


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