Holiday Recap

I was a bit late getting on board with holiday festivities/mood this year. For one, the snow only started to fall on Christmas Eve, and two, I had final exams up until the 22nd. With that alone, it was enough to damper my Christmas mood. But within the past two weeks I’ve taken the time to relax, spend quality time with my loved ones and eat all the food in the world. Christmas in my household is a huuuuge deal and we throw a party every year. My mom loves to decorate our house and this year without fail, she came through with four decorated christmas trees.

I love my moms cute teddy bear ornaments so much. The best part is that these trees were cut from our backyard. I love the smell of fresh pine trees!

This year, the theme of my wrapping was black and gold. I actually found this set at Home Sense. Their wrapping sets are very cost efficient at $10, with 3 rolls of paper, bows, string and name tags. I normally love picking out my bows and wrapping paper individually, but with such a time constraint between studying, shopping, wrapping presents and spending time with family, everything was jammed packed this year! Finding this wrapping set was heaven sent.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

My two best friends and I exchanged gifts right after I finished exams. Of course, Christmas wouldn’t be complete without baking! We spent one night jamming along to Christmas songs, baking and decorating our cookies. The gifts we got one another really showed how well we knew each other! They were all so cute and thoughtful. The holidays really make you appreciate your loved ones.


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