Phuket Travel Diary

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We spent the majority of our time in Thailand in Phuket, and this island took us by surprise! Going to Boracay a few months prior to Phuket, I assumed that Phuket would be the same size as Boracay, but was I ever wrong. Phuket is a huuuge island filled with such an array of things to do and see. We did our best to explore the different parts of the island and to see it’s beaches, temples, restaurants and gorgeous sunsets.

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We stayed at the Surin Hotel on Surin beach. I have so many things to rave about this place! The room/huts were gorgeous and comfortable. The staff there was extremely helpful and patient with all of our questions and concerns, and did things in a timely manner. The hotel has its own private beach so it isn’t busy and crowded compared to the public beaches scattered around the island – which was nice. We were able to lay out by the beach and tan every single morning.

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On a search for food we happened to stumble on a night market in Patong and got these amazing ice rolls. Ice cream is my #1 weakness when it comes to treats, so I had to get the ice roll. It was delicious and we ended up hunting them down every night we were in Phuket.

Old Phuket Town has such a unique vibe to it. Indo, French and Thai inspirations are drawn and casted on this part of the town. Walking around was pretty interesting and if you’re on the search for some good food – this is the place to go! I’m not 100% sure if this happens everyday, but when venturing out to Old Phuket Town, we found that many of the restaurants closed a bit earlier than expected.

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One of the most memorable moments of this trip was visiting Big Buddha and then catching the sunset on Kata viewpoint. The views were unreal! It was incredibly peaceful sitting and looking out a the hills and the oceans at Big Buddha. Making a wish on the bell was great – it gave me time to self reflect and just think about what I want most out of life! I’d like to believe that this was a major turning point in my life where I realized a lot of things. Out of everything, this was the best moment! Kata was absolutely breathtaking. There was another view point we wanted to check out, but missed as the sun set quickly that night and when we got there it was pitch dark. I do recommend checking out what time the sun sets every night so you’re able to catch it for sure!

Phuket is filled with an incredible amount of things to do  and see. What I did there barely covered the amount of things you can do on this island.


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