36 Hours in Bangkok


In August I got the opportunity to travel to Thailand for 12 days. In retrospect, it definitely wasn’t long enough to experience all of the wonders Thailand has to offer. So I left wanting to explore it even more.

We touched down in Bangkok around midnight (in my opinion it was the perfect timing. As soon as we got to the hotel we fell asleep right away and woke up bright and early to start our day). We highly prioritized seeing two temples the next day, Wat Pho and the Grand Palace (pictured above). I have never been to any Buddhist temples or any temples like this for that matter. So it was an experience to remember!

The Grand Palace has the most beautiful and articulate details. The finest thought and effort was put into building the palace. Though it was busy and packed to the brim with tourists, it didn’t take away from any of the wow factor to this palace.

It was SO hot this day too, but when entering any temples or palaces it’s important to dress appropriately (i.e. for women: shirts covering up your shoulders, no cleavage, no see-through tops, pants or skirts that cover your ankles – or if wearing shorts, skirts, etc. you can easily purchase a sarong across the street at any of the vendors. There are tons selling them). If not dressed appropriately you will be turned away at the entrance.

We ended off our visit to the Grand Palace with fresh Thai milk tea! One of my most favourite drinks.

Wat Pho is home to the reclining Buddha. Its details are no less fine and articulate than the Grand Palace, but both are different in beauty. Wat Pho is located just walking distance away from the Grand Palace, and while walking from one to the other, we were stopped by a man claiming that Wat Pho was closed down for the day as it was Buddha’s day of rest and offered to take us to three other temples instead. We found this a bit fishy and refused. Arriving at Wat Pho confirmed that Buddha was not “sleeping” and was most definitely open. Later on in the day we found out that what the man had tried to convince us was a regular scam that many people fall for! So it’s important to trust your gut feeling and do your research when it comes to travelling as sometimes you may fall victim to scams such as this one.

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

After visiting Wat Pho and the Grand Palace, we had a ton of time to kill before our plans to have dinner on a rooftop restaurant, we walked around Siam Paragon and did some shopping. I had no idea that we would be there the same day the Yeezy Boosts would be released and unfortunately got there when everything was sold out, but did manage to grab another pair of sneakers. The shopping at the Siam is amaaaazing!

We really wanted to try the “Hangover Rooftop” restaurant, but were extremely exhausted and opted for a rooftop restaurant closer to our hotel. So we chose Red Sky for some drinks. I wish I had a better quality camera to have captured the un real views. We stayed for a few hours just chatting, before heading back to our hotel and falling asleep.

The next day we originally had planned to visit the Floating Market, but our plans were mixed up as we had huge miscommunication with our tour guide, who didn’t end up showing up. We waited around for a few hours trying to sort things out, but by the time every thing was sorted, it was too late to go to the floating market as we were due to head out to Phuket in the afternoon. So instead, we headed to a market just a train ride away, walked around, ate at the Jim Thompson house (sooo good!) and walked around Siam. Here we found the Hello Kitty Cafe and got our cute little ice creams pictured above.

There are so many different things to do in Bangkok, but this was how we spent our 36 hours in the crazy city!


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