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Over the holidays I received a set of mini liquid matte lipsticks by ColourPop from my sister and ever since I have been obsessed. I admit that I was a bit skeptical by liquid lipsticks as my experience with another liquid lipstick line, Too Faced Melted, wasn’t the best. But the ColourPop ones have changed my mind completely.

Starting off with just the mini set of 4, I got really excited to try out the huge range of colours offered by the brand. My set came with Beeper, Tulle and More Better. I actually received a pack with two mini Beeper lipsticks, which I do think was a mistake after looking on the website, but I’m definitely not complaining as Beeper is my favourite. I tend to have a habit of jumping the gun and buying things I love in multiples and in a bunch of different colours, the ColourPop lipsticks were no different. I ended up buying an additional 13.

image1 (5)

From left to right: Limbo, Teeny Tiny, Sting Raye, Tulle, Chilly Chilli, Bumble and Beeper.

I love the nude, grey, and brown varying combinations of every single one of these lipsticks. Bumble had a lot more pink rather than nude in it than I would have expected, but still such a beautiful colour. Sting Raye and Teeny Tiny have very minor differences when applied on my lips. Limbo was also a lot darker than I expected, but I kept it for times when I felt like channeling in a 90’s look – same for Tulle and Chilly Chilli.

image1 (6)

From left to right: Highball, Succulent, First Class, Creeper, More Better, Avenue, and LAX.

I bought the first four thinking of spring/summer and the looks that could be applied to those. Succulent was a lot more pink/red, rather than orange/red like First Class. Creeper has a blue undertone to it. All of them are equally as bold. Admittedly I have always shied away from such a bright hue of pink when it came to lipsticks, so I decided to experiment with Highball and I’m inlove. In this photo More Better looks a bit purple, but when applied on it appears like a deep rich red, just like Avenue. LAX was also darker than expected, but again I kept for that 90’s vibe.


Though I love all of the colours, these four are my favourites. Beeper, Succulent, Highball and Avenue.
You can buy these lipsticks here


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