New Year, New Me?

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As 2016 quickly approached, I began to instantly think of my New Years Resolutions. I have always strived for more, which definitely isn’t a bad thing, but I quickly realized I don’t often count my blessings and could be more thankful and appreciative for what I already have, and the experiences I have already gone through.  So instead of a New Year and a new me, I decided to be a more thankful me. So with that, in lieu of a bucket list, I have compiled a reverse bucket list, which is a bucket list of things I have already experienced and checked off. (These are in no order at all).

  • Visited Disneyland, Universal Studios, Six Flags in Anaheim, Disneyworld in Florida.
  • Went on a Caribbean cruise – stayed at the Atlantis Hotel for a couple of nights. (Something on my bucketlist ever since I watched Holiday In The Sun)
  • Travelled to the Philippines and met a ton of my extended family.
    • Went to Malapascua Island and learned how to scuba dive.
    • Island hopping with my family, snorkelled with a range of rainbow coloured fish.
    • Sat in the back of moving truck
    • Went to Boracay with my boyfriend and spent 3 days relaxing in the sun!
    •  Experienced Sinulog for the first time, for those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s an epic street festival that happens every 3rd weekend of January, celebrating Santo Nino.
    • Swam with the Whale Sharks in Oslob
    • Road tripped all throughout the South of Cebu
    • Climbed a 5 level water, Aguinid Waterfalls in Samboan Cebu. (Something i’m extremely proud of as I had Pulmonary Embolism at this time)

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  • Received my first jade in Taiwan
  • Got my drivers licence!
  • Spent my 18th birthday with my closest friends and family
  • Got my first car!!
  • Saw my first Tennis tournament in Palm Springs. PNB Paribas!
  • Got my dream dog. My Pomeranian, Penny.
  • Met a llama and Alpaca!!!!
  • Scored an internship
  • Went ziplining in Whistler
  • Went horseback riding for the first (most definitely not last) time
  • Got my braces off! After a strenuous 5 years
  • Started a blog (now to just keep up with it…)
  • Got accepted into University
  • Travelled to Chicago for my highschool graduation trip with my girlfriends!
  • Travelled to Europe for my first time in 2010
    • Visited Milan, Florence, Genova and Venice.
    • Experienced my first buying trip
    • Authentic Gondola ride throughout the canals in Venice
    • Shopped til I dropped in Milan
    • Ate authentic Italian pizza and gelato
    • Visited at the first Prada store at the Galleria
    • Visited Duomo
    • Statue of David

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Travelled to Europe for the second time in 2013

  • Visited Florence (again), Nice, Monte Carlo, Châteauneuf-du-Pape and an impromptu trip to Paris.
  • Stayed at the beautiful Paris Hotel in Monte Carlo, The Carlton in Nice.
  • Experienced this by road tripping!
  • Received my first limited edition Chanel
  • Stayed in a castle, did a wine tour, and had the best meal in my whole entire life in Châteauneuf-du-Pape
  • Visited the Eiffel Tower (always been a dream of mine since I was a little girl)
  • The Louvre, saw the Mona Lisa
  • Ate French Macarons, first time visiting Laduree and Paul!
  • Pointe de Arts bridge
  • Visited Palais Galleria
  • Walked through and shopped on Lafayette
  • Travelled to Europe for the third time in 2014, visiting Scotland and London.
    • Went to my first golf tournament at Gleneagles, Ryder Cup 2014!
    • Visited St. Andrews Golf Course
    • Visited a handful of castles all throughout Scotland
    • Spent a few days in Edinburgh, visiting Edinburgh castle, and just experiencing all of the cities magic.
    • Greyfriar Bobby’s memorial, The Elephant House (The Coffee house J.K. Rowling sat and wrote all of the Harry Potter books)
    • Road a double decker bus
    • Saw Big Ben
    • Private capsule at the London Eye
    • Visited Harry Potter Studios and drank butterbeer!!

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  • Travelled to Europe for the fourth time in 2015, this time spending all my time in Amsterdam and Bruges.
    • First trip with a group of my friends
    • Road the Eurorail for the first time!
    • Belgian waffles and chocolate
    • Experienced Amsterdam nightlife!
  • Travelled to Mexico for the first time. Cabo with my family!
    • Lazed around on Lovers beach, snorkelled, ate at Edith’s (highly recommend if in Cabo)
  • Spent my 21st birthday in NYC with two of my best friends.
    • Went to my first Yankees game!
    • Shopped on 5th Ave and SoHo
    • Received a beautiful Tiffany and Co bracelet from the first, and flagship store in NYC.
    • Bought my first Celine!
    • Watched the semi-finals at the U.S. Open

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  • Spent a week in Destin, Florida with my two girlfriends. Staying at the cutest little beach house dubbed “The Pink Palace”
  • Partied it up in Vegas – my fist time being there legal!!
    • Went to my first pool party at Marquee. Luckily got to experience it in a private suite with a hot tub looking over the party and unlimited drinks!
    • Got a private cabana with friends made in Vegas
    • This was probably the most epic experience and my next trips to Vegas will have hard competition trying to beat my first time there.

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  • Travelled to Thailand
    • Visited a number of amazing temples, my most favourite was the Big Buddha in Phuket – so surreal.
    • Went to the Full Moon Party!! (been on my list since I was a teen)

What I found while composing this list is that I have so much to be grateful and thankful for. Once I found myself writing things down and remembering bits and pieces from each time, I had to actually simplify and condense my list. I found myself reminiscent of the way I felt in these certain moments, and the amazing memories that have accumulated over the years. One quote instantly popped into my head was,“life becomes more meaningful when you realize the simple fact that you never get the same moment twice”.

If you’re ever in need of a reminder of how amazing your life is and that you have so much to be thankful for, make a reverse bucket list. Trust me, you’ll feel fulfilled and grateful afterwards.

Share your reverse bucketlist with me!



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