Travel Diary: Amsterdam

My trip to Amsterdam has made me fall in love with the city. Its safe to say that it is one of my most favourite cities in the world. The vibe is so laid back and chill, the people are friendly and I LOVE the strong presence of “sneaker culture” there. I’m so happy that my friends and I chose to stay in an Airbnb rather than a hotel, because it made our stay feel so much more authentic. I do have to admit that at first I thought our 8 day stay in the dam was a bit too long, but there is actually so much to do/see that near the end of our trip I wished we were there for longer. I had the best time and experience in Amsterdam and I can’t wait to plan another trip and go back!

The cities transportation system is amazing. There are frequent buses and amazingly enough, they always come on time. The city itself is very bike friendly which seems like the majority of the cities populations preferred way of transportation. I love how the bikes there all have so much character and it was a treat seeing toddlers being strapped on either the front or back of the bike in a “bike seat” rather than a car seat. It was so cute! I’m also extremely happy with my choice in footwear for the trip as we did a ton of walking.



The architecture, the different look of each brick building, the flowers, boats on the canal and bicycles are definitely what makes up the majority of the charm of Amsterdam. While taking the boat cruise, it was so interesting and fun to see the different types of boats and the groups of people drinking, partying, eating and having fun on the canals. Specifically, I was really jealous of the group of friends cruising the canal drinking beer, eating chips and laying out in the sun. Its not something I’m used to seeing at home and it looked like so much fun. While being envious of the people on their boats, we also had our own fun on the river cruise. Afterwards, we stumbled upon a lounge and a random night of drinking and partying official commenced. We of course wandered the streets of the Red Light District and watched a show… what an experience is all I have to say.


Whoever lives in Canada all know the struggle of finding sneakers!!! It is so frustrating, but I’m thankful I got the privilege to visit and shop at two of some of the most renown sneaker stores in the world, Patta and Sneaker District. I was so happy that they actually had shoes I have been lusting for in my size. Their sites are worth checking out if ever on the market for some new sneakers! So amazing. I’ll be sure to share the sneakers I got in a later post.






Besides our unexpected drunken night out in the Red Light District, we only got to experience the night life in Amsterdam once. We checked out two clubs and for the life of me I can’t remember the name of it. It was an EDM/House/Trance type of place with a great atmosphere. Chandeliers hanging, an open spaced club with two floors and a ton of people having a good time. The second club we went to, Sugar Factory, had a more “underground” type of feel to it, with minimal decorations, a dark room, DJ, crowd and a few lights in the space. My favourite genre of music is Hip-hop and R&B and in my favour, Sugar Factory also happened to be hosting a hip-hop themed event that night. I sang and rapped my heart out til 5 am, when we decided to go home and take a quick nap before catching out 7 am train out to Bruges.

On our last day, we decided to check out the Rijksmuseum and the iconic Iamsterdam sign, which we were also luckily able to catch the Kaws exhibit at the sign. Pictures don’t give the Rijksmuseum enough justice, the whole library is antique and so beautiful. My favourite exhibit at the museum was this room that was painted all white with a hint of a Baroque-esque feel that had fluffy lantern type things shooting up and down the whole room, sometimes close enough to tap you on the head. We finished off our day at the Seafood Bar, which did not disappoint. We had towers and platters of seafood, it was delicious and worth checking out if ever in Amsterdam.

Other memorable eats we had were the random donair and pizza places we stumbled upon, the fresh fruit markets and stores we walked to near our apartment, Café-Restaurant De Plantage complete with amazing flat bread and gorgeous interior and atmosphere, which was really nice, we dined outside underneath a tree full of lights. The restaurant was also beside a park so it was also fun to people watch. Morgan & Mees was the first restaurant we ate at and the spaghetti was soooo good. Amsterdam is filled with a huge variety of delicious restaurants. There is honestly so much to see and do. I was so blessed to be able to experience Amsterdam with my amazing friends and I can’t wait for our future endeavours together.


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